April 15


06:30 pm - 08:00 pm

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Ironhack Berlin

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WeWork Atrium Tower

Eichhornstraße 3

Berlin, DE

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Today’s competitive workforce is full of new digital products and services wishing to be the next big thing to disrupt the market. We struggle to gain attention and ship our product to an already aggressive audience while making sure that we are up to date with the most creative and innovative demands of the industry. The collaboration between Product, Marketing and UX teams has never been more critical than today. But young startups have power-struggles over who calls the last shot. The lack of empathy to other teams affect the overall experience of our users and will directly impact on the livelihood of the company.

How can UX create a bridge among the company and bring the user to the top of their minds without having to choose a side of the fight between Product and Marketing teams?

About the Speaker

Andrea is a UX designer working in areas such as brand experience and creative strategy in both product and marketing teams. With eight years of experience working with international clients, she believes in the power of closing the gap between business strategy and design. In her free time, you can find her near a karaoke.


After entering Atrium Tower walk all the way to the elevators in the back of the building and take them up to the 7th floor, where you can register at the front desk of WeWork. A team member of Ironhack will pick you up!

About the Host

Ironhack is a tech school that has helped +2.000 people around the globe transition into a career in tech. With a 85% placement rate, +600 company partners and a supportive global alumni network, Ironhack offers a great experience that prepares you perfectly for entering the tech industry.

Start of the next UX/UI, Web Dev and (new!!) Data Analytics Bootcamps on the Berlin Campus: June 3rd 2019

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