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[Testimonial] My new life as a web developer

I don’t really know how to describe by time at Ironhack, but in these next paragraphs I will attempt to give you an idea of how it felt to participate in a 9 week Web Development bootcamp. I was considering doing a Web Development bootcamp in New Zealand, where I...

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[Testimonial] Why are you so quiet?

Since the dawn of days, humans have gathered together to socialize and share, an exercise as old as time that has given us advantage over other animals. And, since the beginning of time, there has always been at least one outcast, attending the same event…...

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[Testimonial] Why I joined a coding bootcamp

It’s Monday morning. I find myself at a coding school called Ironhack, nestled in a co-working space in Mexico City, surrounded by fellow programmers, drinking copious amounts of coffee, and discussing the usefulness of node.js. If 6 months ago I would have thought...

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[Testimonial] Please do not listen to haters

Here I am, 32 years old, father of two gorgeous girls, well invested in what most people would call a successful career in chemistry, founder and owner of an innovative, moderately profitable molecular recycling business — and thrilled to be looking for a probably...

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At Ironhack we are preparing the next generation of digital creators. We do this through intensive courses in Web Development & UX/UI Design.
Ironhack Lisbon campus:
Galerias de SĂŁo Bento, Rua de SĂŁo Bento 31
1200-109 – Lisbon (Portugal)