We set up shop in Miami nearly 5 years ago after launching our Spain campuses with the same vision we had when we were founded: to disrupt education and build an outcomes-focused educational institution. With the vision of being a world-class bootcamp in the center of Miami’s growing tech scene, we became the #1-ranked coding bootcamp in FL and we loved witnessing Miami’s exciting transformation and its close ties to Latin America, (which eventually led us to open our Mexico City and São Paulo campuses.)

In the first few years of operations, we witnessed the unique strengths of this city and its workforce, most notably Miami’s incredibly diverse talent pool. This led us to build part-time programs to accommodate different work schedules, grow our women’s and veteran’s scholarship programs, and create partnerships with organizations like the Perez Art Museum and companies like Uber to encourage South Florida residents and diverse communities to engage with tech and become a part of the locally growing talent pool.

But, we still felt that there was even more we could do and that’s why this past week at Facebook’s F8 conference, our Co-Founder Ariel Quinones and GM Alia Poonawala flew out to San Jose to announce a partnership with Facebook to launch the Digital Creators Funda $250,000 scholarship program aimed at women and other underrepresented groups in the tech industry. Full and partial scholarships will be offered to those who want to study web development, data analytics, or UX/UI design at Ironhack Miami’s campus. The purpose of the Digital Creators Fund is to eliminate or reduce the financial barrier for those who desire to gain new skills and launch themselves in future careers they are passionate about. Our shared goal in this partnership is to increase the representation of diversity in the tech world, which will ultimately be reflected in the products that are built.

“We have the unique opportunity and responsibility to ensure inclusion & diversity in our industry,” said Ime Archibong, Facebook’s vice president of product partnerships. “Removing the financial barrier to pursue a new career in tech is critical to these efforts.”

Facebook has committed to $250,000 in scholarships for women and under-represented minorities to take the web development program and in turn, Ironhack is offering additional scholarships in the data analytics and UX/UI design bootcamps.

“This work is rewarding and tangible because it’s about helping people get better. Each student who goes through this program has a unique story, different challenges they’ve overcome, and a special zeal for why they want to be a part of tech. We want to open those doors not just with our words, but with our actions too.” said Poonawala.

So now here’s your chance! Apply for the scholarship here. We look forward to reading your applications!