First impressions count, and the window in which they’re formed is usually small. This is why we’re mindful of every minute, from the moment the students walk through the Ironhack doors to the moment they graduate as developers.  We make sure their experience is more than just educational, it becomes personal.

Every bootcamp begins with two assignments: share & enjoy. The first day is key for bringing the class together and introducing them to one another. We dedicate the first half of the day to Orientation, where we have intros from the staff, icebreaker games, an Ironhack welcome pack with Ironhack swag, and most importantly, breakfast.

For the last Barcelona cohort, we organized an oceanfront welcome party for Orientation. It all began back in the classroom, with a warm welcome by our campus manager Marc Collado, where he explained the rules of the bootcamp and the keys to succeed: build, learn, share and enjoy!

This time our Welcome Pack came with more than just the swag, we added a water gun. Armed & ready for the sea battle, students wore their Ironhack shirts and swimsuits underneath, Once on the sand, the class split up in an “each against all,” a team-bonding experience unlike anything they would’ve imagined. We went to a local restaurant for drinks and to soak up the last few moments before the 8 forthcoming weeks of work.

Check out the photos below of our start to the summer and Web Development bootcamp in Barcelona.