The Ironhack Hackshow is the most anticipated day of the Ironhack experience because it answers the one question everyone is asking:What do you really learn to do at a coding bootcamp? It’s the night that we showcase the web apps our students built from scratch during the last ten days of their eight-week cohort.

On the morning of the Hackshow, a panel of three judges, made up of experienced developers and CTO’s from companies in South Florida, visits our campus for individual presentations. From the class, they choose five students to present their projects that night based on various criteria, including presentation, impact (how effective is the idea at solving the problem), technical complexity and execution (how complete is the finished work).


After the five are selected and announced, our head instructor recognizes other awards amongst the bunch, like most features built, most innovative idea and prettiest website.

Later that night, a whole new panel of judges who’ve never seen the projects before join the attendees for the final presentation of the top 5 projects. A winner is chosen by the judges, and one other student goes home with a “people’s choice” award, which is selected by the audience.


This Hackshow was judged by Lila de la Chesnaye, city manager of Instacart; Rudy Gonzales, founder of SpaceSignal; and Jonathan LeBlanc, global head of Developer Evangelism for PayPal.

Below are the 5 students who presented at the Hackshow and their fully functioning web apps. Feel free to browse through their sites and reach out to them with any comments or suggestions!

1. Faraz Patankar
january 2016 cohort (8)

Turf SurfPeople’s choice winner at the Hackshow
Turf Surf is an online platform for soccer enthusiasts. It works directly with local arenas, so users can instantly organize or join soccer matches in their city. Amateurs and “pros” alike can either reserve a time slot in their arena of choice and invite other players to their game, or join an existing game by sending the organizer a friendly request.


2. Anais Engelmajer
january 2016 cohort (6)

Blue Green Chic
Anais’ Blue Green Chic is a search engine for sustainable clothing. Inspired by her love for the environment and sustainability, BGC aims to be a confluence of all the eco-friendly clothing brands in the fashion industry. Users can use filters to search for brands that are eco-sourcing, vintage, cruelty-free, recycled, organic, brands that profit charity, fair-trade and locally-made. The shop local option gives users the chance to find local stores that carry the brands they’re interested in.


3. Gin Gattman
Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 12.23.42 PM

G2 SalaryFirst place winner at the Hackshow
G Squared Salary is a match-maker for people and cities. It takes the median annual salary for your occupation in select cities in the U.S. and presents that data along with the average medium commute time, state income taxes and common deductions for different income brackets, local sales tax and the average cost of living. The result is a practical web app that prioritizes your job occupation for optimal relocation.


4. Christian Oliver
january 2016 cohort (4)

Tech Builds MiamiWork in progress
Tech Builds is the crossroad for non-profits, senior web developers and jr. web developers in Miami. It connects the three in a way that each can simultaneously benefit from and help one another. Organizations gain access to Tech Build’s teams and gain exposure for their projects, senior web developers get to mentor the juniors and juniors get the chance to work under experienced professionals and receive mentorship.


5. Bianca Semprit
january 2016 cohort (14)

Games for CharityWork in progress
Bianca’s passion for gaming and charity is what spawned her final project, an online platform where playing games turns into donating to charity. To participate, users select a charity of their choice and a game to play. The games, built completely by Bianca herself, are spin-offs of classics like Space Invaders and Pac Man, but players get to destroy annoying ads instead. The more points you score, the more you are donating to your charity of choice.


Although our Hackshow came and went as quickly as the cohort did, the students left behind a legacy to be enjoyed by their successors. We’re looking forward to what projects our next class will brew up in just two weeks time.

The next Ironhack Miami Hackshow will be on May 19th, 2016. RSVP here!