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Welcome to the Ironhack Campus!

On May 20th, we inaugurated our first Ironhack Campus in Barcelona. The event coincided with the Hackshow of our March Web Development Bootcamp. We had a number of very notable and important hosts: Gonzalo Manrique, our Co-founder; Marc Collado, our Campus Manager; our entire Madrid team; Ariel Quiñones, our other Co-founder and the Miami campus Hackshow audience who joined us virtually; Alberto Betella, our Lead Instructor along with his students presenting their incredible projects; and of course, Darth Vader himself.

Ironhackers and non-Ironhackers came together in celebration of technology and our beautiful new campus. Gonzalo opened the ceremony with a talk about the importance of learning to “do” more beyond the title.

The students demonstrated what he meant by this when presenting their final projects in front of their friends and families, CTOs, entrepreneurs, developers, alumni and marketers from the Barcelona tech scene.

Our Hackshow concluded with a bit of audience interaction. Attendees had the chance to vote for their favorite app of the night. won by a landslide, it was designed by David Santos and Oriol Bellido with the collaboration of Ulabox. In light of our inauguration, the Miami team sent us a heartfelt video they filmed during their Hackshow of the audience yelling “congratulations!”

But the real star of the party was Darth Vader dancing Michael Jackson-style with DJ @CaudiaAlbons helming the music. Moritz and Chef2Me provided the food and drinks. The game of the ArkaNeon did the networking.

The night was documented by Izhan and Hector. Check out the pics below:


Inauguration Ironhack









Thank you to everyone for coming! This is only the beginning. Keep an eye out for upcoming events here.


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