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Why you shouldn’t leave coding to others in your startup

Days of Thunder perfectly illustrates why you should learn to code. In this movie, Tom Cruise plays a hot-shot race car driver and Robert Duvall is his expert crew chief, but issues with the car and crashes have them losing every race. In a critical scene, Cruise admits to not understanding anything about the mechanics of the car he’s driving, so he doesn’t know how to tell Duvall what he needs from the car.

Duvall teaches Cruise about the car’s set-up, and they develop a language in order to better communicate with one another. In no time they’re winning races and shooting for a championship.

This is the perfect anecdote to demonstrate why you need to know how to code. Just like Tom Cruise, you’ll need to learn the mechanics of your startup idea. Learning these mechanics will help you see your idea from a whole new perspective. Knowing how to code will get you through problems, uncertainties and tough times because you’ll “know how to get what you need from your car”.

Ironhack’s short, but intense coding classes can teach you what you need to know in as little as 9-weeks. You can learn how to talk code, walk code and execute code to give your startup a more of a fighting chance.

You don’t have to be fluent in the language to begin making sense of what you’re seeing. Even a minimal understanding of the coding language you’re using will help you communicate back to your technical team.

Learning to code will make you a problem solver

Hard to find a technical co-founder

You may have an idea that burning inside of you! But finding a technical co-founder to build it has been impossible. So take the matter into your own hands. Depending on your aptitude to pick up coding, and the time you have to devote to your project, a coding bootcamp can give you the basic skills needed to build the first version of your idea. Being that time is critical in this process a bootcamp can give you in a few short weeks enough experience to apply those skills to your application.

Become an asset to the team

What if you and a friend, or friends, are working on a project together? Learning to code will allow you to add real value to the team by taking a portion of the work and building it. Together as a team, you’ll launch your idea even faster. Learning to code will help you to develop better ideas, resolve technical challenges, proof each other’s work, run tests and quickly troubleshoot.

Communicate your idea to external developers Hire Others to Build It

Sometimes you just don’t have the time or desire to code yourself, and you would rather hire others with more experience to do it for you. yet you should still understand some basics of coding.

Taking a coding class will definitely help you communicate your ideas and understand the developers you’ve hired. These developers will turn to you for direction and input. It’s best for you and them that you become another mind they can confidently turn to for help and solutions.

When you all understand the terminology, lingo and how it’s supposed to look like on the screen, the team can better translate your vision into a real product, resolve issues and come up with new ideas that will go beyond your expectations.

Regardless of the method you use to build your program or application, there are other reasons to understand and use code.

  • The project is never “done”. Once you complete your original vision, you will still be working on it. It may be to fine-tune its use, add new functionality, or create spin-offs of your brand.
  • Talk with investor
    If you need funding for your project, you will have to speak with investors. Investors can be angel investors, venture capitalists and on the rare occasion, a bank. You’ll have to earn the confidence of the investor that your startup is viable and has a great chance of succeeding. By demonstrating you know the “ins and outs” of your product, that confidence will be easier to get and keep.
  • Spark more creativity. The more you know, the more your imagination has to work with. Once you learn what is possible with coding, you may have that next great idea – and know the best
    way to make it happen.

Every entrepreneur needs to recognize where he or she can best apply their time and energy. Whether you can code the entire project or have to bring in varying degrees of help, knowing how to code is key to your success. Make it happen!

Sebastian Duque – With a BAs in Marketing from Florida International University, Sebastian is fascinated by how search engine marketing is shaping consumers and markets behavior. Sebastian is also the general manager at By Afro and is in the process to become a Full Stack Web Developer.


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