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Testimonials from Ironhack’s Part-Time Coding Bootcamp

Prospective students are always asking us, “So, what’s it like to take Ironhack’s part-time course?”

To answer that question we asked some of our students who successfully completed the course to see what they have to say! Read below for some of our part-time students’ testimonials:)


Dieter, April 2016 Cohort

What were you doing before Ironhack?

Before Ironhack I was working as an E-commerce Services Manager in EveryMundo, doing mostly SEM & SEO.

Why did you decide to enroll in Ironhack’s part-time course?

After attending an online marketing convention in Las Vegas, I realized that all the big companies are moving forward into automatization. Meaning, they are providing a lot of resources into creating tools to escalate marketing implementations quicker and with more ease. This made me realize that a Marketer without knowledge in Coding will be obsolete tomorrow.

Also, a lot of job positions today’s are project managers who work as a liaison between marketing and development departments. Usually, both teams talk in different languages and as a Marketer to be able to communicate business objectives more easily is very valuable.

What was the hardest thing about the part-time course?

For me the hardest part was to understand Google’s API, their documentation was not easy, so I recommend that when considering a project, always try to ask and/or see if your resources are easy to understand.

What was the best part about Ironhack?

For me it was the community, it was always great, very supportive. Also, Daniel Brito, the Placements Manager does an outstanding job positioning everyone.

What have you been doing since leaving Ironhack?

I’m working as a Sr. Account Manager at Labelium Miami, where I’m leveraging as much as possible the knowledge I acquired at Ironhack. I’m now using code to implement tracking systems in websites in order to improve data analysis that helps further achieve marketing objectives.


Ryan, April 2016 Cohort

What were you doing before Ironhack?

I was working in finance, for a small business lender doing investor relations.

Why did you decide to enroll in Ironhack’s part-time course?

I still wanted to keep my full-time job, however, I had dabbled with online courses to learn how to code but I was not satisfied as I could not find good resources for learning. Additionally, I like the classroom environment as it fosters collaborative learning.

What was the hardest part about the part-time course?

Definitely, trying to make time for work, going to class and learning whenever I can. I had to sacrifice a lot as the material is very hard if you do not have a technical background. However, with persistence and dedication, it can be done.

What was the best part about Ironhack?

The collaborative environment and being part of the network. When you complete the course you always have resources to help you along your journey, whether it is coding help or helping you find a job.

What have you been doing since leaving Ironhack?
Ironhack gave me the confidence to start a tech startup. I would not have known where to begin had I not joined. I manage a team of two developers and can give them proper direction on how I want the infrastructure of the project to be executed.

Alice, January 2017 Cohort

What were you doing before Ironhack

Before Ironhack, I held numerous odd jobs such as teaching percussion to high school marching bands to working at Volcom to being in charge of the social media and web presence of a non-profit community music studio. Currently, I am a support specialist at the Apple Store troubleshooting devices. 

Why did you decide to enroll in Ironhack’s part-time course?

I wanted to find a job and passion that made me excited to wake up every morning. I have always been excited by all things tech, but intimidated by programming. After I tried learning Javascript on my own through Codeacademy, I was hooked. Programming was so fun to me. I started to research coding bootcamps and came across several, but Ironhack seemed the most seasoned in terms of curriculum and most focused on skill development. 

I came across the Ironhack part-time course after I was prompted to change my payment information on Uber one day. I had logged on just in time to find out I had one day left to apply for the Uber scholarship for Ironhack. I was never able to attend a full-time coding bootcamp because of the time commitment, but since Ironhack offered the part-time course, I could move forward with the applying for the scholarship. So with hopes of a scholarship and a do-able time commitment, the part-time course was a perfect, serendipitous fit.

What has been the hardest part about the part-time course?

Time management between a full-time job and the course and the assignments is definitely the hardest part. It’s a delicate balancing act.

What has been the best part about Ironhack?

The best part is really seeing your skills develop. The most gratifying part of coding is seeing something log out into the console that tested if your code worked. Best. feeling. ever. The camaraderie of learning so intensely with 20 other people going through the same sleepless nights and struggles is also something very unique and special. The free beer and snacks are great too!

What do you plan on doing after Ironhack?

I plan to apply for a Junior Web Developer job and also venture into the world of entrepreneurship. So far, Ironhack has made me much more confident in my skills as a programmer, so I can’t wait for how I’ll feel when the program is finished!

Juan, January 2017 Cohort

What were you doing before Ironhack?

Founder at By Afro and co-founder at Gaming Frog. For By Afro I’m the head of project management, client acquisition, and strategic partnerships. We are a digital marketing agency helping small businesses develop effective marketing strategies. Our core product is Web Design and offers digital marketing services such as SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing and Local SEO as add-ons.

I act as Gaming Frog’s CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), I’m in charge of developing a marketing strategy for the company. Gaming Frog is an eSports platform that allows video gamers to compete against each other for cash and prices.

Beyond these 2 projects, I’m also an editor for DMOZ.

Why did you decide to enroll in Ironhack’s part-time course?

I decided to enroll in Ironhack’s part-time course to communicate more effectively with our development team for both By Afro and Gaming Frog. I’m also planning to enter into the Web and mobile App development market, to make this happen I need a clear understanding of how the development process works.

What has been the hardest part about the part-time coursTime management

ent has been a challenge. Getting a balance between your personal life, business and education has been very hard to accomplish but the sacrifice will pay-off in the long run.

What has been the best part about Ironhack?

The best part about Ironhack has been expanding my understanding of programming. Every time we start a new module things start to make a lot more sense to me in the projects I manage.

Another of the best parts about this program has been getting to know my classmates, in part we have become a family. It’s always a great experience to share time with mind alike people.

What do you plan on doing after Ironhack?

I plan to grow my businesses. My goal for By Afro is to have an office with 6 or more employees in Colombia and find a partner within 1 year.

My goal for Gaming Frog is to get our MVP to production within a month of graduation, do a pre-seed funding round and get 1000 users.


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