Ironhack & Friends – Chapter 2: Experience matters // UX-UI

We concluded the month of June with a new installment of Ironhack & Friends, but before we go into details, here’s a little bit of background for context.


Ironhack & Friends is a series of events where we invite our professional friends to have a beer and meet our community. Our Ironhack Barcelona Campus transforms into a hybrid environment of friendly debate and networking. The guest speakers are the builders in their careers, the ones who work behind the scenes. We provide a discussion topic and give them the floor to speak to our builders-in-training.


To commemorate the rise and importance of UX/UI in the success of all industries today, we decided to dedicate this meetup to it and call it “Experience matters // UX – UI,” and invite our professional friends to tell us about their different roles.

But we don’t want to ride this wave alone, so we’re launching a new course, the UX/UI Design Bootcamp, for people who want to make the switch into one of the most upcoming careers in customer focused companies.


This installment of Ironhack & Friends was made possible by: Alex // @MytusVII – Mobile Developer at Social Point , Bojana // @bojanajam – Sr. UX Designer at Typeform, Glòria // @glorialangreo – UX Team Lead at Xing, Isabel // @icpuigmal – UX Designer at BeRepublic y Silvia // @silvinet – UX Designer at Scytl.


They each shared their UX knowledge and insight in front of a crowd of more than 70 Ironhackers. Our speakers left us with two very important remarks: the importance of research and the diversity of backgrounds seen in the industry. Whether you’re an engineer, journalist, marketer or designer, as long as you can listen, create and lead, you can take on a career in UX.

We leave you with a few pictures so you can relive the User Experience of this edition of Ironhack & Friends which featured a special appearance and promo opportunity by Yugo mopeds, endless beer courtesy of Moritz, renowned local photographer Hector Ges, questions, answers and most importantly, a network of friends.



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