Gaming time: the visit of Akamon HQ

We went to visit the Akamon HQ in Barcelona with our Web Development Bootcamp students.

The offices take up just one floor and look no different than a casino. In fact, Akamon is all about fun, inside and outside the workplace.

We were greeted by Sergio Gago, CTO, Jordi Llonch and Eloi Poch, back-end tech leads. The discussion took place in the semicircle in the middle of their open space office.

It was a fun and professional talk where the Akamon team explained what characterized front-end and back-end, and particularly how to efficiently manage workflow.

They also explained how they work with mobile and desktop versions of their app, and how they integrate with Facebook.

The Ironhackers left with not only knowledge, but the experience of being able to spend time with and learn from a very busy and talented team of developers.

It was an activity that supplemented the Ironhack experience of our students, something that will serve as an inspiration when it’s their time to keep learning and look for jobs.

We’ll leave you with some photos of our visit so you can see for yourself how these digital experts work and play.



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