Month: May 2017

15 Things Only Programmers Will Understand Nick Congleton

15 Things Only Programmers Will Understand

When you learn to program, you don’t just learn to code. A whole new and unique world opens up. Programming isn’t like anything else. It’s a weird hybrid between math and engineering with a singularly creative component. Because programming is a breed all its own, there are certain things that you’ll only understand once you […]

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Nick Congleton

What Programming Language Should You Really Learn?

Asking The Right Questions You’re looking to learn a web programming language. That means you fall into one of two camps. Either you’re a new programmer looking to learn your first language, or you’re already a programmer looking to pick up something new. Regardless of where you stand, you have to ask yourself a few […]

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Sebastian Duque

Why you shouldn’t leave coding to others in your startup

Days of Thunder perfectly illustrates why you should learn to code. In this movie, Tom Cruise plays a hot-shot race car driver and Robert Duvall is his expert crew chief, but issues with the car and crashes have them losing every race. In a critical scene, Cruise admits to not understanding anything about the mechanics […]

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esade ironhack coding bootcamp partnership

ESADE and Ironhack partner so business students learn to code

“I have this great idea, but I don’t know how to build it.” Sounds familiar, right? Then immediately after that sentence, you will most certainly hear “I need to find a developer”. But you know what? Most entrepreneurs never find that developer. Back in 2013 our founders Ariel and Gonzalo, Harvard and Wharton alumni, found […]

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