Month: July 2016

Gaming time: the visit of Akamon HQ

We went to visit the Akamon HQ in Barcelona with our Web Development Bootcamp students. The offices take up just one floor and look no different than a casino. In fact, Akamon is all about fun, inside and outside the workplace. We were greeted by Sergio Gago, CTO, Jordi Llonch and Eloi Poch, back-end tech […]

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Program your future in Barcelona

We interviewed Marc Collado, Ironhack Campus Manager in Barcelona, and asked him why someone should learn to code. Marc is the founder of the app “iomando”, and is an expert in designed & crafted technology in Barcelona. Marc, you’re originally from Barcelona right? Yeah. I was born here on May 9 1987 and I’ve been […]

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Back to your nature: workshop of personal branding

At Ironhack we know that attitude is imperative to professional success. To demonstrate, we took our Web Development students ‘back to their nature’. We headed to Fageda d’en Jordà, a natural reserve 2 hours away from Barcelona to disconnect and reconnect them with their dreams, aspirations and passions. The personal branding workshop was based on […]

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UX-Design Alberto Marcos

The Emergence of UX Design

“According to CNNMoney/PayScale’s top 100 careers with big growth, great pay and satisfying work (i.e. 100 Best Jobs in America), UX design ranked #14 with a median pay of $89,300 with the top pay hitting $138K and a growth rate of 18%.” Design is a pretty vague term. When someone says they’re a designer, it […]

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Connecting before disconnecting: Tech Summer Party

Summer is finally approaching, but before it’s time for everyone to enjoy their much-deserved vacations and disconnecting from work, we wanted to connect with our tech community in Barcelona. We organized a Tech Summer Party for hack&start. With the help of JobsBCN, SeedRocket, Barcinno, The Barcelona PHP Meetup Group and BarcelonaJS we connected the people […]

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Alberto Marcos

Ironhack: Time to Change Tech Education in Europe

This post was written by Ironhack co-founder Ariel Quiñones, originally published in September of 2013. The idea behind Ironhack was inspired by one of those cliché business stories of our generation. Two business school, non-technical guys. A “great” idea for a tech product. BUT, no clue how to build it. “We just need to find […]

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Ironhack & Friends – Chapter 2: Experience matters // UX-UI

We concluded the month of June with a new installment of Ironhack & Friends, but before we go into details, here’s a little bit of background for context. Ironhack & Friends is a series of events where we invite our professional friends to have a beer and meet our community. Our Ironhack Barcelona Campus transforms […]

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Work hard, play hard: retrogames at Ironhack Campus BCN

What better way to unwind from a hard work week than by playing even harder? It was a Friday in May at our Ironhack Campus in Barcelona when Iñaki Díaz, Joan Mora Guiard and Alberto Betella taught us how to. The Campus transformed into a playroom straight out of a kindergarten class, without the kids. […]

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