Connecting before disconnecting: Tech Summer Party

Summer is finally approaching, but before it’s time for everyone to enjoy their much-deserved vacations and disconnecting from work, we wanted to connect with our tech community in Barcelona. We organized a Tech Summer Party for hack&start.

With the help of JobsBCN, SeedRocket, Barcinno, The Barcelona PHP Meetup Group and BarcelonaJS we connected the people in our community who love, study or work in technology.

Since our focus lately has been drawn towards User Experience, as seen from our upcoming UX/UI Bootcamp, we wanted to make sure our guests made this Summer Party as unique as possible.

The bartending team from Flais Crew crafted the cocktails using fresh ingredients provided by Ulabox, a online supermarket. Moritz was the official beer sponsor for the brew heads, and Yugo brought their electric scooters, the perfect way to commute in Barcelona year-round, but especially in the summer. Everyone was there to say “Hi summer, let’s hack some stuff!”

We’ll leave you with some pictures of the party and once again wish you a very happy summer!

Tech Summer PartyTech Summer PartyTech Sumer PartyTech Summer PartyTech Summer PartyTech Summer PartyTech Summer PartyTech Summer PartyTech Summer Party


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