Coding Bootcamp Graduation – Ironhack’s Barcelona HackShow

The 8-weeks of a coding bootcamp is never easy. Not for the students or for us, but once again most have made it to the HackShow, the coding bootcamp is over and here are their final projects.

Before the projects, here are some of Ironhack’s highlights for the year

Marc, our fearless campus manager here in Barcelona, did the honors of sharing with the audience some of Ironhack’s biggest wins over the last year.

Just as a side note, keep in mind that all of these people started this coding bootcamp with scant to zero coding knowledge. It’s amazing to see the what these students were capable of learning in 6 weeks and what they managed to build FROM SCRATCH in the last two weeks.

Otto García presents a voice messaging social network

Otto’s Github + LinkedIn

Jarek Alvarez from HR recruiter & no coding knowledge to building an e-commerce

Jarek’s Github + LinkedIn

Marianna Perez from materials engineer & no coding skills to mashing up Tinder +

Marianna’s Github + LinkedIn

Bright Kofi boosted his learning in this coding bootcamp to build a “spontaneous type of”

Bright’s Github + LinkedIn

Zoe Thorne has gone from language teacher to building a language learning app

Zoe’s Github + LinkedIn

Felipe Lozada is a graphic designer who added coding to his skillset and created a photo discovery app

Felipe’s Github + LinkedIn

Maxime Mercy has a Ph.D. in chemistry and built a travel plan sharing app

Maxime’s Github + LinkedIn

Diego Castañeda went from unemployed customer service rep to coding bootcamp student and coded a gamified task manager

diego’s Github + LinkedIn

Every HackShow has a winner, here’s this cohort’s winner

Even hough there’s a single HackShow winner (and at the risk of sounding like a cliché) every student is a winner. And I include those students that presented and those, that for whatever reason could not, they’re all winners.

Here’s your motivational goodbye. All of these students had doubts, they all had struggled. I saw them frustrated at many moments during the bootcamp. But in the end, the amazing projects they created are because they chose to expose themselves to failure. They signed up to this coding bootcamp and jumped in headfirst!

In this cohort, we had everything from a Ph.D. in chemistry and a materials engineer to a customer service rep and banker. Regardless of occupation, regardless of age, and to most of our students, regardless of money, they all decided to take action and change their lives by learning to code.

So it’s time for you to think about what’s worse: inaction or the risk of failing. And remember “if we’re not winning we’re learning”!

Congratulations Ironhack Barcelona 2016 Graduates!!!


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