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Alberto Marcos

Inside Cabify – Our alumni experience

At Ironhack, we like to interview career professionals in order to bring our audience real industry insight. This time we decided not to reach out to a professional or company directly, but instead we went to visit some of our former students at their new jobs to hear about their experiences first hand.   We […]

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Ironhack: Time to Change Tech Education in Europe

This post was written by Ironhack co-founder Ariel Quiñones, originally published in September of 2013. The idea behind Ironhack was inspired by one of those cliché business stories of our generation. Two business school, non-technical guys. A “great” idea for a tech product. BUT, no clue how to build it. “We just need to find […]

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Rafael Coomonte Ironhack

Ironhack Experience By Rafael Coomonte

Rafael Coomonte is an impressive guy. Just take a look at his LinkedIn. He’s a Doctor in Philosophy and he’s got a PhD in telecom engineering, but decided to turn his professional career completely around. For us, it’s been an absolute pleasure to have him as a student and we’re honored that he gave us […]

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Marta Fonda Ironhack

Ironhack Experience By Marta Fonda

Co-Founder of Mindly (made in Silicon Valley), Madrid native, woman and, of course, Ironhacker, Marta Fonda tells us about her Ironhack experience as a student of the Web Development bootcamp in Madrid. When and why did you decide that you wanted to sign up for a bootcamp at Ironhack? When I graduated from college, where […]

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