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Bridging the Gap: Ironhack Hosts the First WeCode Women’s Weekend

As of 2015, women make up nearly half of the American workforce. Yet, within the fields of software and web development, women make up only 17.9% and 34.3% of all employees, respectively (2015 Bureau of Labor Statistics). The gender gap in the tech sector is very real, and Ironhack wants to change that.

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At Ironhack, we want to narrow the gender gap and bring more women into tech. Not only do we offer a scholarship to any woman that is accepted into our program, we’re also dedicated to introducing more women to web development and design through events outside of our bootcamps.

Earlier in August, Ironhack Miami hosted the first WeCode Women’s Weekend, in which 50 women were selected out of a pool of 130 applicants to come to our campus, in Brickell at, for a weekend of coding. According to Alida Gagliuffi, Head of Operations and Growth at Ironhack, “the goal of the WeCodes is to make coding a little more accessible. Anyone can code, and we want to prove that.” For the first WeCode event in Miami, Ironhack chose to focus on women because they are often underrepresented in tech despite the clear benefits they bring to tech teams.

According to technology magazine Popular Mechanics, teams that include women are more creative, experimental, and productive than all-male teams. They tend to have better financial performance, as well. Increased gender diversity means that teams have a greater breadth of experience: when you have a more diverse set of experiences, you get a more diverse set of products!

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So, over the course of the weekend, 50 women, many of whom had never written a line of code, were taught the fundamentals of front-end web development and guided in the creation of their own personal web pages from scratch. They were introduced to HTML and CSS, the syntax, and how the languages worked together on a website. Rita das Mittal, CEO of Genesis Multimedia Communications and Operations Director for Startup Grind, told Ironhack “I never thought I would ever write even a single line of code… this is the beginning.”

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Regardless of how our incredible participants plan on using their new skills, they all left feeling confident that they could learn to code without having a technical background, and left us feeling even more confident that we need more women in Miami tech! Like Rita das Mittal said, this is only the beginning.

August 2016, Good Axe Design, ©MBKoeth

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