Alberto Marcos

Born to update


In order to survive in the tech world, you need to constantly be updating. Alberto Betella, lead instructor in Ironhack Barcelona, tells us about the importance of adapting the curriculum to the most current trends technology and the workplace.

What are the consequences for not adapting the curriculum and teaching material to the latest trends?

The biggest consequence is that the curriculum become outdated. When building a curriculum based on technology, like programming languages and tools, you can’t use the same methodology that you would for math and literature classes, for instance. It’s important for the structure to be changed continuously, alongside technology.

How does this affect the students?

If the curriculum doesn’t adapt to the new trends, the risk is that the students invest their time in studying concepts that, due to the speed at which technology changes (especially mobile and web technologies), they will get progressively further away from the industry’s demands.

What about the companies/startups that need people who are fluent in the latest technologies?

The technology companies, that have grown exponentially in the last decade compared to other industries, have a hard time finding employers that can satisfy their demands. This gap is due mostly to the lack of talent, even graduates of computer science are missing too much experience needed to work in a business environment.

What are some important guidelines to follow when creating a curriculum?

You have to keep an eye on the trends, not only online, but also by attending meetups and networking events. In cities like Barcelona or Madrid, there are meetups constantly being organized where developers and experts have an opportunity to network. Meetups allow you to learn about the new trends in both the international and local markets. In Barcelona, most startups use Ruby on Rails for their platforms and websites, so it would benefit a bootcamp to include Rails in its curriculum. On one hand, this guarantees a job for the graduate, and on the other hand it makes things easier for companies to find talent and helps the community grow culturally and economically.

How does Ironhack do it? What factors does it consider when updating and revising its curriculum?

At Ironhack we are technology experts and connoisseurs. Not only are we constantly participating in national and international events, but we also organize our own events and we have close relationships with the community of developers and professionals. Through these channels, we explore and experiment with new trends and tools of technology. Our curriculums are results of these interactions with experts, our community and the industry. This allows for an ever-evolving curriculum, always being improved in order to provide our students with the best material possible that most closely resembles the reality of the field.


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