Back to your nature: workshop of personal branding

At Ironhack we know that attitude is imperative to professional success. To demonstrate, we took our Web Development students ‘back to their nature’. We headed to Fageda d’en Jordà, a natural reserve 2 hours away from Barcelona to disconnect and reconnect them with their dreams, aspirations and passions.

The personal branding workshop was based on the idea of a “dream job,” where students built a plan of action that would guide them towards their ideal career. The activity served as a moment of contemplation. Students laid out:

–One dream job

–One superpower that have and another one superpower that they haven’t to achieve their dream jobs

–A personal SWOT analysis

–Definition of their market: position & values

–Media map to push their personal branding: pro-active & passive

–The plan: Date/actions/analysis

The local students enjoyed the retreat as much as their foreign colleagues, who got the chance to experience a hidden gem of Catalunya. We hope to repeat it with future cohorts, for as long as good weather allows.

Back to your nature


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