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Apply to Ironhack Miami as a pair and get $1000 EACH towards your tuition

Two weeks ago, the Ironhack Miami team read’s blog post titled “We Hired a Pair of Junior Developers: Here’s What Happened.”

In the post, Andrew Homeyer of talks about how hard it is to hire the right junior talent. New hires need to have the right technical aptitude and the right attitude. Someone who collaborates well is more likely to become a “competent contributor.”

So, the team decided to hire a pair of developers, rather than 1 or 2 developers individually. In this way, the company benefits from hiring two developers that already know how to work effectively as a team, and the pair benefits from working alongside a friend.

And we think that’s an AWESOME idea.

At Ironhack, we take students with little to no programming experience and help them land jobs as Jr. Web Developers and Jr. UX/UI Designers. In our individual interviews, we get a sense for cultural fit and passion, and in our technical interviews, we test for aptitude.

BUT, we’ve never figured out a way to test for ability to work in a team. And, in the world of web development and UX/UI design, that is HUGE! In your jobs at a startup or a bigger corporation, you have to be able to work alongside other developers and designers to get a job done.

Similarly, teamwork and collaboration is super important at Ironhack. First, we do a lot of pair programming and team projects, so you have to be able to work well with others. Second, a student that is willing to help his classmates when they are stuck and takes feedback graciously is SO valuable in small classrooms like ours (especially given the intensity of our courses).

So, we’re taking inspiration from and trying something different…

For the months of April and May, we are inviting interested students to apply to Ironhack as a PAIR!!  Your partner should be someone who’s worked on a group project with you and can vet for your ability to collaborate and be a team player.

If you are both accepted into the program, we’ll give you EACH $1000 to put towards the cost of your tuition! And all you have to do is apply together.

So, find a buddy and hop to it! 

For questions about this initiative, email


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