Taking Ironhack’s Part-Time Coding Bootcamp: Reflections of a Student Dropout

Hello, world. My name is Marisa and I am an ex-student of Ironhack’s part-time course. Less relevant, but just as important to share, I’m also the Program Manager at Ironhack’s Miami campus. You see, one of the perks of working at Ironhack is that you get to take the...

Alumna Spotlight: Sofia Borges of Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

When faced with the decision to choose a coding or design focus, Ironhack alumna Sofia Borges opted for a unique solution. Sofia not only attended Ironhack’s Web Development Bootcamp, she later went on to study UX and UI Design at Ironhack as well. In an interview...

Ironhack Miami Hackshow – January 2016

The Ironhack Hackshow is the most anticipated day of the Ironhack experience because it answers the one question everyone is asking:What do you really learn to do at a coding bootcamp? It’s the night that we showcase the web apps our students built from scratch during...

I’ve had it with this job! Is a coding bootcamp for me?

Since 2013 Ironhack has been helping people answer the "is a coding bootcamp for me" question. We've helped people change careers into the field of their dreams: technology. We have successfully taught a broad range of people how to code. From young to old, with and...

The Unparalleled Benefits of Completing a Coding Bootcamp

College students and graduates share a common predicament: insufficient groundwork necessary to find a job. Despite students” exponential interest in pursuing Computer Science degrees, universities are struggling to keep up with the growing demand for employees with...

Elina: UX Designer & Ironhacker!

Elina Nenonen completed the most recent cohort of the Web Development Bootcamp in Barcelona and was one of the first students to be part of the new Campus launch. Now that she’s back home in Finland, we spoke to her about her Ironhack experience and incredible final...

The Craziest JavaScript Resource Directory

Intro The JavaScript ecosystem is absolutely massive. JavaScript is everywhere and the community of developers surrounding it are constantly coming up with new tools to harness the power of the language of the Web and make it easier to build amazing things. This...

The Emergence of UX Design

“According to CNNMoney/PayScale's top 100 careers with big growth, great pay and satisfying work (i.e. 100 Best Jobs in America), UX design ranked #14 with a median pay of $89,300 with the top pay hitting $138K and a growth rate of 18%.” Design is a pretty vague term....

JavaScript vs. Ruby : what language for first-time coders ?

Ever wondered what was the best language to learn to begin coding ? This is a thorough comparison of JavaScript vs. Ruby.

Inside Cabify – Our alumni experience

At Ironhack, we like to interview career professionals in order to bring our audience real industry insight. This time we decided not to reach out to a professional or company directly, but instead we went to visit some of our former students at their new jobs to hear...

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